VR Gimbal controller

VR Gimbal is the new Virtual Robotix 3 Axes Brushless Gimbal Controller.

VRGimbal_front VRGimbal_rear

There are two optional IMU available for mounting on camera module:

  • MPU6050 (3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope) with HMC5883 (3D magnetometer), shown in figure below;
  • MPU9150 (1 chip 9 DOF sensor).


Some friends started to design different kind of gimbal for our new board. Unlike standard gimbals, the mechanical frame has to be developed for each video sensor that you would like to use. It’s important that you can move camera center of mass to obtain better result during gimbal stabilization.

Here we are showing a  frame for Gopro Hero 2-3.

This is the caratheristics of our VR Gimbal :
– Micro Controller is STM32F1 at 72 mhz.
– 3 Axis Brushless Direct Drive gimbal.

  •     Roll    (MOT1)
  •     Pitch  (MOT2)
  •     Yaw    (MOT3)

– 3 high power pwm output for each channel we have .

– I2C IMU:  it support 3 axis and has to be mount on camera module , so we can know exactly the position of camera and control in realtime the 3 brushless motors.

We are developing two option :

  •     more traditional approach – MPU6050 (6 DOF) + HMC5883 (3 DOF)
  •     new sensor from inversense – MPU 9150 (9 DOF)

– 1 USB port.
– 1 Serial port that support mavlink protocol.
– 1 Power module that support until 3S battery.
– 4 Radio RC Input for :

  •     Control ROLL Setup.
  •     Control Pitch Setup.
  •     Control YAW Setup.
  •     IR control repeater.

– 4 Analog Input 0-3.3v.
– 1 IR Out ,  to control the camera by its IR receiver.

The first batch of production will be available soon.

For more information and for reserve a board send a mail to info@virtualrobotix.com.

Join the official VR Gimbal User Group to have the last updates on the project: